Statistics-driven, cloud-based attendance and class management platform.

Rolltrax brings your class to the twenty-first century, helping you keep track of your students in real-time.

Real-time data right at your fingertips.

Rolltrax presents teachers with relevant data that takes the guesswork out of attendance. Presented in chart form, Rolltrax takes your attendance and presents it in a clear format that allows teachers to immediately grasp their attendance metrics.

Why Rolltrax


Rolltrax moves your students' data directly to the cloud. That means no matter where you are, you can access your attendance, documents, and any other information you store with us.


Your information is safe with us. We use the most recent and secure web standards to make sure that both you and your students' data is secure. Rest assured that your security is our number one priority.


We have developed robust apps for both students and teachers. Simply download the Rolltrax app on your phone, and you'll immediately be presented with all the same data you can find on your dashboard.

Keep your students informed.

Not only have we developed cloud-based apps for teachers to manage students, but also for the students themselves. Rolltrax opens up a two way conversation between a student and their supervisor. Students can send messages, request excused absences, and more. Rolltrax takes the face-to-face interaction out of discussing attendance, meaning that you can be out in the field going to conferences, meetings, or even job visits.