Have multiple periods of students

Keep your students organized! With Rolltrax, your students can be organized into one or multiple periods.

Import your students with Excel

Make use of your current list of students. Microsoft Excel is one of the most powerful workplace tools. With Rolltrax, you can easily take our Excel template and migrate your students over to our platfrom using the upload functionality. Importing your students has never been easier!


We know how sensitive student information is. That's why security is our main priority. We use HTTPS SSL encryption to make sure that you and your student's data is safe from hackers and other malicious groups. Your personal server is isolated and contained separate from any of our other customers, which furthers your security as a Rolltrax user.

Built in the cloud

Access your attendance from anywhere. All of Rolltrax is available from your laptop, phone, and, of course, your computer at work. You will never have to check in with your students again! Just visit us anytime you want to check in on your students.

Student pages

View each student separately! With Rolltrax, every student has their own page. Here you can send messages to them, check up on attendance, view their information, change their information, and even set their picture.

Barcode Scanning

Quick and easy check in. Rolltrax is designed for use with barcodes and our attendance management kiosk system. Our service can generate ID cards for your students, which you can simply print and get going! Contact us for more information about barcode scanning.



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